Investing in Healthcare & Life Sciences

RA Capital Management is a Multi-Stage Investment Manager
We are dedicated to evidence-based investing in public and private healthcare and life science
companies developing drugs, medical devices, diagnostics, services, and research tools.

Investment Banking

We lead corporate exits, divestitures, acquisitions, and other liquidity events. Our team will guide you throughout the process using our Multiple Model Approach to structure a customized strategy to identify a prospective buyer - whether financial or strategic and whether located in the U.S or abroad to yield multiple bids and optimize valuations and attractive deal terms.

Financial & Strategic Advisory For Exits

We provide comprehensive restructuring of your company over time and find the Perfect strategic buyer with a hands-on approach to generate the maximum Exit-Value of your company.

Equity Research

Quality decision-making requires quality information, astute analysis, and a nimble approach that adapts to changes in the landscape. Our research presents multiple perspectives derived from the empirical data along with an understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of each approach so you can make the best decisions possible.

Corporate Finance & Business Analysis

Sax Capital’s Corporate Finance practice focuses on businesses' strategic, operational, financial, and capital needs. We address the full spectrum of corporate finance challenges faced by companies, boards, private equity sponsors, creditor constituencies, and other parties in interest. Our success depends upon achieving optimal results for our clients. Our analysts help clients navigate the intricacies of private and capital markets, engaging in value-accretive processes to ultimately benefit shareholders in an ever-existing quest for value and growth.


“My company grew threefold after Sax Capital advised me on the acquisition of Estate Homes”

CJ Christensen,
CEO of Estate Homes

“Sax Capital is the best investment bank representing cannabis companies in Washington State”

DJ Parker
Buddy Boy Farms

“I hired Sax Capital after a previous firm could not get me a good offer. Sax Capital sold my business for the entire asking price!”

Witold Szczepaniak
Browar Polska LLC

“They sold my business for more than I expected!”

Wally Thomas
Artisan Finishing Company, LLC

“I’m working with Sax Capital to grow my company’s valuation so I can pass on a great company to my children.”

Jane Stinson
Enlighten Alaska

“With Sax Capital, we didn’t have to wonder what was going on; we knew that they were moving things forward”

Jesse Winship
High Five Farms

“What I like most about Sax Capital is that they keep me updated, and they are accessible”

Jason Zucker
Owner of High Five Farms

“Sax Capital has been guiding us toward a higher valuation for three years, and we’re confident that they will get us to our target valuation, and then lead the exit”

Tim Humiston
Canna Organix

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