Valuations and
Business Analysis

The need for professional valuation and business analysis is ever increasing in today’s business and regulatory environment. The valuation and analysis of business interests and related assets in the context of transactions, financial reporting, or disputes are at the center of many significant strategic and financial decisions, making the selection of a valuation expert a critical matter.

Sax Capital’s dedication to all aspects of valuation and analysis means you can count on our experience, knowledge, and objectivity to address your business needs. Our professionals provide expert valuation services in the following areas:

  1. Valuations for transactions/merger analysis/LBOs

  2. Fairness opinions

  3. Business planning and budgeting

  4. Valuations for financial reporting

Top-quality valuation expertise

From pure equity valuation to assisting financial reporting
Corporate Finance and Business Analysis


Understand financial reporting and apply valuation methods


Analyze the past financials and develop forecasts


Help companies engage in new business segments through robust planning


Assist clients in solidifying their current valuation ranges and providing them with a fair opinion

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