Perfect Exit
More Than Just Selling a Business

The Perfect Exit engagement is your roadmap to a painless and effortless Exit. We know what it takes to sell for top dollar in the market; we’ll be with you every step of the way, getting our hands dirty planning and executing in advance of your exit.
Most businesses are not ready to sell in a short time, let alone at the optimal, desired valuation. Hence, our analysts and advisors have created a 3-5 year program of enhancing growth and valuation into reaching the final Exit steps. Perfect Exit is like having an in-house M&A team so you can be sure your growth plans are compatible with your desired Exit.

During this process, we scrutinize business operations by performing the following activities:

  • Establishing goals and setting targets by establishing Exit goals for partners and the firm, set financial targets for the firm, leading up to the Exit, profile and identify potential strategic or financial buyers;

  • Performing a Defensive Due Diligence, including a thorough strategic and financial analysis of the business, updating the business plans, identifying potential problems, valuing operations, and setting financial targets;

  • Planning by formulating a plan and setting recommendations to get to the desired valuation while addressing deficiencies/potential problems, working with you to figure out a growth plan including internal growth and capital investments, identifying potential gains in efficiency, financing options for a project and increasing marketability;

  • Growth and Execution by sourcing/securing financing, restructuring the organizational operations, reducing dependencies, converting personal goodwill to a transferable asset, leading negotiations and working through contingencies, and closing the deal;

  • The Exit Profile and search for the ideal buyer, negotiate the Purchase Price and terms, manage the due diligence process and data room, keep all parties on the same page, and maintain a reasonable rate of progress.

We have the network and know-how to find an acquisition that boosts your value and strengthens your competitive advantage if you need to grow rapidly. Leave a thriving business as your legacy and execute your Perfect Exit.

More Than Just Selling a Business

The Perfect Sale
Exit Preparation

Establish shareholder goals and targets
Develop the divestiture strategy
Assist shareholders and boards to execute business plans to achieve the desired valuation
Defensive due diligence and valuation analyses
Negotiations assistance
Deal closure

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