Our Principles


Imagination is the guiding light to innovation; before one can engineer a new world one must first imagine that that world is possible. Innovation rarely comes solely from mastering the methods of the status quo, but rather from applying solutions from other domains and drawing inspiration from disparate interests. We foster a culture of intellectual curiosity and exploration, making for a team of imaginative problem solvers.

Multiple Model Thinking

Models simplify complex systems, at the cost of the stated assumptions, distilling the world down to something manageable and predictable. Models thus allow us to make sense of new information and turn data into actionable knowledge, yet this knowledge is only as good as the assumptions of the model. Understanding these assumptions and recognizing when they begin to break down allows us to switch between models when appropriate, making us more like water.


Courage is the will to act in the face of fear and standing by your principles. We practice courage by challenging ourselves and challenging the status quo. Courage to stand with one's principles means willing to be unpopular, to engage with challenging ideas, to risk making mistakes, and telling unpopular truths. Our principle of courage reminds us to forge ahead with our convictions, despite discomfort, releasing us from the constraints of the status quo, and thus more like water.


The world is an incredibly complex system, impossible to predict, and forever evolving. We believe optimal performance requires that one constantly question one’s own stance, consider new evidence, and be ready to act on new information. Our principle of humility keeps us on our toes at all times, aware that a sudden shift may antiquate our methods or invalidate our processes. Humility unlocks evolution, making us more adaptable, like water.