Mergers & Acquisitions

Complex business sales require a unique combination of skills, ranging from accounting and process management to complex negotiations. Our team wil work with you throughout the divestment process, from developing an exit strategy that helps to maximize value to enhancing your retained business.

As your exclusive financial advisor, we can help you:

  • analyze your business portfolio to maximize shareholder value

  • assess exit strategies

  • analyze financials and value the business

  • prepare the business for Exit

  • execute an efficient divestment process

  • mitigate transaction risks

Selling a Business

Set goals and time frame
Assess the market value of your business
Increase saleability by identifying the true drivers
Market and find the buyer
Scenario-based analysis on potential disinvestments
Adopt Sellers' value needs and develop robust strategies
Defensive due diligence to prepare for Buyers
Cutting edge valuation analyses
Deal closure

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