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Multiple Model Approach

Multiple Model Approach

The business environment is a complex system. The best method for dealing with complex systems is to leverage models. Models help us to better organize information, make accurate forecasts, and adopt more effective strategies. Models make use of reasonable assumptions to reduce complexity, unlocking inference and allowing observers to make sense of the landscape. While necessary, these assumptions introduce blind spots and make models vulnerable to false conclusions. Applying multiple models and rigorously analyzing the assumptions of each allows Sax to understand the problem from multiple perspectives and thrive when others’ models falter.

Our Promise

Businesses are the lifeblood of our economy, and business owners and financial investors must risk money, time, and relationships to create a company. It is a massive undertaking and a heroic act. Sax Capital is operated by business owners and investors! We understand the risk one must take to launch a company, grow it, and sustain the growth. This intimate understanding combined with our Multiple Model Approach makes us the ideal firm to work for you.

  • Top-quality service
  • Unconflicted advice
  • Partnership
  • Industry expertise

The Team
Fil Asgedom
Founder and CEO
Noah Libby-Haines
Founder, COO, and Head of Product Development
Vani Rao
Investment Banking Advisor
Andi Suli
Investment Banking Analyst
Nate G. Portnoy
Junior Analyst
Ara Daniela Tanori
Administrative Manager
Claudio Miranda
Strategic Advisor
Cory Dean
Strategic Advisor
Scott Berman
Cannabis Venture Fund Advisor.
Jerome Hewlett
Capital Raising Advisor


“My company grew threefold after Sax Capital advised me on the acquisition of Estate Homes”

CJ Christensen,
CEO of Estate Homes

“Sax Capital is the best investment bank representing cannabis companies in Washington State”

DJ Parker
Buddy Boy Farms

“I hired Sax Capital after a previous firm could not get me a good offer. Sax Capital sold my business for the entire asking price!”

Witold Szczepaniak
Browar Polska LLC

“They sold my business for more than I expected!”

Wally Thomas
Artisan Finishing Company, LLC

“I’m working with Sax Capital to grow my company’s valuation so I can pass on a great company to my children.”

Jane Stinson
Enlighten Alaska

“With Sax Capital, we didn’t have to wonder what was going on; we knew that they were moving things forward”

Jesse Winship
High Five Farms

“What I like most about Sax Capital is that they keep me updated, and they are accessible”

Jason Zucker
Owner of High Five Farms

“Sax Capital has been guiding us toward a higher valuation for three years, and we’re confident that they will get us to our target valuation, and then lead the exit”

Tim Humiston
Canna Organix


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